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No matter the number of units to be built, Structures Ultratec has the solution for all your multi unit building needs. Take advantage of our recognized expertise in everything regarding prefabricated wood or light steel structures. Duplex, triplex, buildings with twelve apartments or more, and condo buildings: our superior quality products adapt to your dimensions. At Structures Ultratec, the possibilities are endless.


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Structures Ultratec is an expert in prefabricated wood and light steel structures and an invaluable ally for all your multi unit construction jobs. You can rely on our vast expertise to advise you on the conception of the building’s wood structure in order to ensure the design’s feasibility. At Structures Ultratec, we are a hub for the architect, engineer and contractor, thus ensuring that the project meets all the client’s needs as well the required construction standards.

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For all your multi unit construction sites, you can count on the unrivalled production capacity of Structures Ultratec. Equipped with cutting edge equipment, Structures Ultratec delivers superior quality walls, beams, columns, joists, and roof trusses within very short deadlines. An efficient solution, with no unpleasant surprises or loss of materials on site.

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Once you have decided on your professionals and contractor for the construction of your apartment building, choose Structures Ultratec’s superior quality walls, beams, columns, joists, and roof trusses. We are the leading authority in prefabricated wood structures and guarantee that these are in compliance with the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Whether you are looking for web joists, I joists, or stirrup straps wood construction connectors of all kinds, our products are made to meet all your requirements.
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Prefabricated walls
Made with first quality materials, our various wood walls panels will erect a building that lives up to your expectations.
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Roof trusses
Thanks to their varied designs and dimensions, our models of wood frames bend to your needs and adapt to all your construction projects.
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Beams and columns
Discover our wide range of superior quality brand name to meet all your needs for solid or composite parts.
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